Feather Down Alternative

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Technological advancements have helped in achieving an alternative to actual feather down bedding. Down alternative fibre is made from very fine synthetic polyester fibre that mimics the softness and mobility of traditional down feathers.    

Benefits of Feather Down Alternative bedding:

  • Naturally Hypoallergenic: Down alternative fill is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. Feather down is prone to trapping skin cells and dust mites.
  • Soft handle: Down alternative is known for being soft and fluffy. It's a particularly good choice for people who like to cuddle with their pillow while they sleep.
  • Thermal Insulation Properties: The insulation properties of the down alternative fill is designed to replicate the qualities of down fibres and retain warmth. These ultrafine fibers trap warmth in air pockets, providing great warmth.

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